These images are made with a new program called Terragen, which is being developed by Matt Fairclough. It is extremely easy to use, and at the moment you can still download it for free, since it doesn’t have all the features added to it yet. You are welcome to use these images on your own pages or to make graphics out of, providing you link back to my home page.


Zip file of an atmosphere I made called Late Afternoon. It could also be called Early Morning, and is a clear blue sky with pink-edged clouds and can be seen in several of the scenes in the bottom two rows above. It works best when the sun is behind you.

Zip file of a sunbeam atmosphere I made. This one seems can be seen on My sunbeams page in Mountain Beams and Gold Coast

Zip file of fall colors with sand at the water’s edge. For some images, you may have to adjust the height of the sand to make it work.

Zip file similar to the above with more green added, and the sand at a different height.

Raw File of a Castle I made

Raw File of Pyramids I made

Raw File of Low Towers or Fortresses or Something I made

Sorry, now Tripod is sending you to one of their own pages to download the zip files, rather than having the file launch automatically. Even though it isn’t difficult to get them, I will probably move them off of Tripod soon. The zip files below are not on Tripod.

Castle 3 Raw File

Castle 4 Raw File

Castle 5 Raw File

Terrain file made from a DEM of Deer Isle/Stonington, Maine

Terrain file made from a DEM of Southbridge, Mass

Here are some zip files of terrains I made from fractals.




Examples of terrains made with my raw files are on my castles and pyramids page below.


Sunrise/Sunset Terrains

Images with sunbeams

Images made with plugins

Experiments with foliage colors

Snow Scenes

Mist and Fog

Castles and Pyramids from my Raw Files

My Jaffa Cake Series

Images made from Fractiles

Weird results when playing with Terragen

Terrains generated in GeT. Some of these look like they belong on the weird page!

Terragen images I have post processed using Paint Shop Pro and Photo Impact