I am creating this page to share my love of Russian Culture with you.

I am very interested in Russian Folkart, and am working on a section about it. If you would like to see what I have so far, click here.

I also want to share some of our photographs of Moscow so you can appreciate the beauty of the city as much as I do.

Sometimes in life you meet someone who has a profound effect on your life. You don’t really know why, they just do, and you know that for the rest of your life, you will be glad you knew them. One such person for me is Joe Adamov. You may have heard his interviews on radio or TV over the years, or you may be a listener to The Voice of Russia (formerly Radio Moscow), and listen to him every week. I am now doing some pages about Joe (with pictures), so you can learn more about this remarkable man. The pages are not finished yet, but the pictures and some stories are there. If you would like to see them, click here. I also have a section on my website where I list details of VOR programs. If you would like to go there click here.

For a few years I had a shop in Stonington, Maine, in which I sold Folk art from Russia which I got from a friend in Moscow. I loved the shop, but the rent was very high and Stonington only has visitors for about six weeks out of the year (we are on an island). Needless to say, the shop was very expensive!

In the shop, I had photographs and postcards of places around Moscow with short histories, which people were very interested in, so I am putting longer histories on my website, with some photographs. To go to the section “Architectural Monuments” click here.

My next section is about children’s games, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes in Russia. To go there, click here.

I also have been getting requests for Russian poetry. To see what I have done so far, click here.

I am starting a section on Literature as well, and will be translating short stories by some of Russia’s great writers. Tto go to that page, click here.

I am also putting on some very nice Russian Christmas Cards. Most of these are reproductions of antique ones.

I am also starting a section of Art Postcards. These are postcards of exhibits in Museums in Russia. There are histories of the items in the postcards on each page.

I am also going to be putting on postcards of places around Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sergiev Posad. The first ones are the cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin. I will be adding some history of these places as well.

Visit my bookstore to buy Russian books and videos.

The photographs on this page are of the fantastic fountains at the former Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

A page I put up about Irkutsk. It was originally a memorial to the people who died in a terrible plane accident there. Click here

In case you haven’t figured it out from the references to The Voice of Russia, I am also a big fan of World Band Radio. Anyone who is interested in the internet for learning about other countries and their cultures would be interested in this, so I am also putting on some pages of information on how to get started, and links to pages of interest. If you want to see what I have up so far, click here.

I have been getting a lot of requests lately. Some are for Russian Composers, and some are for St. Petersburg. I am very interested in doing these pages. Although I have read a lot about all of those subjects, I do a lot of research before I put any pages on, so sometimes it takes a while. One thing I did do was to put on some pictures of St. Petersburg, but I don’t have any history on them yet. I feel sort of bad for not getting them on sooner. There are lots of other places around Russia which I would like to write about, especially the towns around the golden ring, but it is more difficult to write about places you have either never been to, or places where you don’t know anyone. Mostly I am writing about things which I have experienced. It doesn’t mean that I like any of the other places less, just that I don’t have photographs, and have never had the experience of going there. I think I have chosen a very big country, with an awful lot of history to write about, but I am trying!

If you like Mahjongg, I have made a set of tiles of Russian folkart for Moraff’s shareware games here.

This is my webring. You are welcome to join if you are a listener to The Voice of Russia.

This ring was featured on VOR’s “You Write to Moscow”.

This Voice of Russia Listeners Ring site is owned by
Katherine Lawson.

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The Voice of Russia World Service This is a link to my favorite radio station. It was formerly known as Radio Moscow, and is a wonderful place to learn about everything from history, to the Russian language, to music. From here you can listen to it via real audio, see pictures of the announcers, read commenteries, or get program schedules.
They also have some interesting information on their website.
In the Russian Culture Navigator you can read about things such as Moscows Concert Halls, An Exhibition of Russian Ethnic Costume, Sergei Eisenstein, Prince Igor, The Donskoy Monastery, and much more.
In Vis-a-Vis with the world, you can read interviews with such notable personalities as Igor Moiseyev, Nikita Mikhailkov, and Vladimir Vasiliev.
Monitoring Times An excellent website belonging to a magazine covering all aspects of the radio listening hobby, as well as satellite TV.

One of the most respected organizations is Friends and Partners, it is also one of the premier websites about Russia.

Museums of Russia A beautifully designed page where you can visit lots of museums in Russia, including aviation and space, as well as art and history.

The Moscow Guide There is something for everyone here, from travel to folkart.

Novgorod A very nice site on the ancient city of Novgorod. The section on the Novgorod School of Icon Painting is unbelievable!

The Moscow Metro The Moscow Metro is an underground palace. Most of it’s stations are sort of mini-museums, with statues, stained glass, chandeliers, and columns of marble and other beautiful stone. Your browser will have to be capable of displaying the cyrillic alphabet, but once you get there, it’s got an amazing amount of information. Follow their links as well, some of those are also amazing!

Another excellent site which you will want to bookmark because it is constantly changing is Andrey Sebrant’s site. I don’t think any other site on the internet has as much information as this one.

Another of the best sites on Russia, which has information and links to anything you could ever want to know is Bucknell University.

I just found another interesting site for those interested in space. It is a site in Hungary which has live audio and video from the Mir Space Station. It also has live broadcasts when they are happening, as well as real audio and video files of some of the more interesting things they have done, including the space mirror and the space walks when they repaired the solar panels. If you have purchased Real Audio Plus 5.0, the video is really smooth.

The Far-East Russian Magazine is a wonderful on-line magazine about Russia’s Far East. It includes history, culture, art, photographs and other information. It hasn’t been updated for a long time, but the owner of the site is still interested in it. It is very much worth looking at. The first page doesn’t look very interesting, but when you click on the links to the various editions of the magazine you are in for a wonderful surprise.

Andrew C. Lipsett has a very large site of links and information on Central and eastern Europe. Central and East European Information Archive

The REENIC site by the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Go visit Alexander Krivenyshev and learn about Russia’s Far East, his expeditions on research vessels, including to Antarctica, how he threw a message in a bottle from a ship and ended up corresponding with someone in California and finally meeting her, and much much more. Alexander has done many interesting things in his life, and is still young, and it is really fascinating to read about him on his webpages.

I found some of the most amazing carvings from Novosibirsk artist Yevgeny Alekseevich Gutov. You’ve got to see these!!!

Here is where I got some of my wonderful Russian CDs and movies.

And here are some wonderful Russian Books.