This is my first page with my own domain.
I have lots of pages on some of the free sites, and have been designing graphics for three years now. I have also been building websites for other people.
With a large investment in graphics software, and computer hardware, I decided it was time to get my own domain and start making money.
When I applied for a domain and a real commercial website, I wasn’t sure what to name it because I have so much that I want to do with it, so I decided to just use my name.

Please excuse any mistakes at first, I am just getting used to FTP.

My Photography gallery is here.

I am moving my Graphics site here.

My parents run a gift shop in which we make one of a kind items. I also hope to sell some of those things here.
I have put my beaded amulet purses on here, and hope to begin selling them soon. I also have added antique beaded purses from my collection. I have been designing patterns for amulet purses as well.

I also have a page about investing in the Russian stock market, with links to reference materials, company wbsites, places to go for quotes and other useful information here.

I am also moving my Russian section here.

I have a bookstore with books and videos, too. Some of the books I have used for my bead work are there, as well as some art books, Russian books, and Russian videos.

If you like Mahjongg, I have made some tilesets for Moraff’s shareware games here.

To see more of what will be on this site, go to My old homepage.