My favorite beading projects are Amulet Purses. Most of the ones have made are done with either Mill Hill or Gick size 11 seed beads because I have a really good collection of these, but I have a few Mayuki Delicas which I really love. I hope to build up my collection so I will be able to use them the most. I also have used Mill Hill Petites a couple of times, and I am fascinated by the size of them.
Here are the amulet purses I am going to have for sale. I have just applied to a company which has a secure server for credit card orders, so hopefully they will be ready to sell soon. In the meantime, some of them can be purchased at ebay.
Click on the thumbnail to view the purse full-sized.

Here are some Antique Purses which I have in my collection

Here are some purses which I have sold

Here are some photographs of some purses which I have sold.

I have also been playing around with making patterns for beadwork. I have four patterns I have done from Terragen scenes I did. Some of the colors are very close, and I haven’t refined the charts yet, picked out the bead colors, or made the purses, but I have put them on for anyone who wants to try them.
They are charted for peyote stitch, and only show the fronts. The backs could either be worked in the same pattern, or in a solid color. It should be easy enough for an experienced bead worker to make them, but I don’t really recommend them for beginners. When I get them worked up, and easier to see charts, I will be putting these and others which I will be adding into a book, but until then, they are free for your use since I don’t have time to work on them yet. I would love to see your work and post it here with a link to your site if you make one.
If you do get one made and want to show it off, email me with a link to the image so I can display your purse and link to you. If you don’t have a website, you can email an attachment with the info you want me to add for credit.
You can see the charts as they are now here:

Terragen Scenes: ONE TWO THREE FOUR

I have a new section of graphics made from some of my beadwork which you are welcome to use on your homepage here.

I also have some books about beadwork listed in my bookstore.


A beautiful site about beadwork in Russia is The Moscow Beadclub. They have a wonderful history of beadwork with exquisite examples, as well as their own gallery and instructions.

Also, I have made several purses from Suzanne Cooper’s wonderful book “Dancing Light Amulet Purses” to go to her website click here.

I have finally found Barbara Elbe’s website. I have examples of purses I made from her designs on my website as well